Tarek Haddad

Tarek Haddad

Jordanian-Canadian / Canada

Tarek Haddad Artist


Who is Tarek Haddad

Tarek Haddad is a remarkable individual who has overcome numerous challenges to become a successful businessman, singer, and entrepreneur. . Today, he stands as a shining star in the business world and is a source of inspiration to many. Not only is he a talented businessman, but he is also a gifted singer who has produced many songs in Arabic. Tarek’s journey from humble beginnings to a shining star serves as a testament to his determination and unwavering spirit.

Tarek Haddad Artist

Tarek Haddad’s Journey to Fame

Tarek Haddad’s Dream: Tarek Haddad never stopped dreaming of becoming famous worldwide. He chose a tough but exciting path in the world of art, working with famous artists who are well-known in Arab art.


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Tarek Haddad’s Unforgettable Concert Journey

Embark on a musical voyage with ‘Tarek Haddad’s Unforgettable Concert Journey,’ a curated collection that spotlights the most memorable performances of Tarek Haddad. From the electrifying energy of live audiences to the intimate ambiance of exclusive shows, this journey through Tarek’s concert history not only showcases his remarkable talent but also his profound connection with fans across the globe. Each performance is a testament to Tarek’s artistry, passion, and the unforgettable moments created on stage.

The most important concerts

Taste of the middle east – Toronto / Canada

Lebanon concert – Al-Atlal Plaza – Lebanon

The Digital Footprint of Tarek Haddad: A Comprehensive Overview

Step into the expansive digital realm of Tarek Haddad, where each follower, view, and listen contributes to the tapestry of his online presence. This meticulously curated section aggregates the total number of social media followers, alongside the collective views of his videos and listens to his music, illustrating the depth of his impact across the globe. Experience the scale of Tarek Haddad’s artistic reach, as we chart the milestones of his journey through the digital landscape, celebrating the vibrant community drawn together by his unparalleled musical talent.




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